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Telehealth Services Questions and Answers


Our doctors and medical staff at NU Pathway Healthcare & Wellness offer telehealth visits in Lanham, MD. From the comfort of your own home, you can receive great healthcare with the help of your mobile device or computer. For more information, call us or book an appointment online!

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What is Telehealth?

Telehealth has many names including Telemedicine, Virtual Visits, Video Visit and many more, however, they are all the same thing. Telehealth is for patients to communicate using digital technologies such as computers and mobile devices, to access healthcare services remotely, and manage their healthcare. The goals of telehealth include:

  • Make healthcare accessible to people who live in rural or isolated communities
  • Make healthcare services more readily available or convenient for people with limited mobility, time, or transportation options
  • Provide access to medical specialists
  • Improve communication and coordination of care among members of a healthcare team and a patient; and
  • Provide support for self-management healthcare

These virtual appointments include web or phone-based visits with a doctor or a nurse practitioner. Generally, telehealth appointments are booked for minor illnesses, similar to services available at a primary care clinic any many more including:

  • Disease prevention
  • Health maintenance
  • Counseling
  • Patient Education
  • Diagnosis and treatment of an acute/chronic illness
  • Minor Injury or Illness

Depending on the severity of what you are booking an appointment for, a telehealth appointment might not be the only appointment the doctors or nurse practitioner would like to see you for. If a referral is needed, or the appointment deems an in-person visit, you might need to book another appointment.

How do you set up a Telehealth call?

Setting up for a telehealth call is simple, you will book an appointment through the online booking appointment app or call us to book. Once your appointment is booked, the primary care clinic will send a link to a video conferencing website or they might call you on the phone.

For telehealth appointments booked via a virtual video visit using your computer or mobile device, you will receive a zoom link or a google meet link. Follow these instructions to set up your appointment based on which virtual video visit provider your primary care physician has set it up with.

Zoom/Google Meet Telehealth Video Visit:

You do not need an account with zoom to join a meeting, however, some pre-requisites are required before your telehealth appointment:

  • Your mobile device or computer must have a microphone (either built-in or connected via USB microphone or an inline microphone/headphones)
  • Your mobile device or computer must have a speaker or headphones for audio connection.
  • Your mobile device or computer must have a webcam or a built-in camera for video connection.
  • If you are joining via a mobile device you must download the zoom app from the app store.

Step 1: Review the email sent from your primary care physician which includes important information about the time of your appointment, meeting ID, and the link which you will use to connect to the appointment on the date and time of your appointment.

Step 2: To join the appointment, click on the link that was sent in your email.

Step 3: Zoom or Google Meet will automatically open your web browser to allow you to join the meeting. Update any of the fields that may come up asking you about information like your name.

Step 4: You will be submitted into a waiting room. Please wait until the primary care physician is available and starts the telehealth video appointment.

Step 5: A notification will pop up asking you to join with audio. Click yes or click “join audio” to be able to speak to the primary care provider in your appointment. Once the audio is connected, you can click the webcam option to connect your webcam.

How much does Telehealth cost?

The terms telehealth and telemedicine are used interchangeably throughout. They are similar for services when it comes to healthcare. During a telehealth visit, one of our providers will be able to review all the information you provide and possibly diagnose a condition, discuss any treatment options, offer a referral to a specialist, or refer a therapy solution and monitor your progress thereafter. Not all visits will be completed with a telehealth visit, as some may need in-person visits if they are more severe, however, most appointments can be conducted virtually through a telehealth visit.

The cost for a telehealth visit can depend on several factors, and if your insurance covers telehealth visits. Call your insurance company to make sure telehealth appointments are covered before booking, also contact NU Pathway Healthcare and Wellness to get a more accurate cost of the appointment as well to make sure we accept your insurance before booking an appointment.

Book a telehealth visit today to see the difference offered for care at NU Pathway Healthcare & Wellness. Call us for more information. We serve patients from Lanham, Bowie, Upper Marlboro, MD and the DC metro area.


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